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Our products are produced on demand.
Reduce, reuse and recycle.

Time for change.

We consider planet Earth our home and with this mindset, we seek to protect our environment, making sure it is clean, livable and ensure the cycle of life is here for future generations.


When we were creating Alttitude we visited climbing crags and beaches, and we soon realized that these pristine natural reserves were over polluted by single-use plastics and crude oil waste. We decided then, that Alttitude's mission would be to reduce our impact on the planet, by designing products for building a better future. We would also try to inform and teach future generations, to become more aware of our ecosystem.












Our responsibility towards the environment is our main priority. The way we work, recycle, reuse materials and resources is a continuous process in the development of Alttitude. We aim to leave the planet in which we have shared so many adventures and experiences in a better position than where we found it. We realise there is more work to be done and that sustainability is key to both our business and also for the planet. Thus our model is based on using recycled materials, eco-friendly resources and also reducing our carbon footprint by producing on-demand products. We believe that this is a game-changer as it greatly reduces overproduction of goods which in turn reduces pro-pollution. Instead of producing to reach maximum profit margins, using the worlds resources and land to produce goods that will end up stored in a warehouse or thrown in a landfill, we decided that we could build our brand on a buy as you need basis. With this model, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the beginning of building our brand.


Our Promise.

We are constantly working to make sure our products and services support renewable and green energy sources. We want to source our key materials from responsible, recycled, reusable and eco-friendly sources.



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